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To promote the benefits of the inhabitants of Tircoed and the neighbourhood without distinction of sexual orientation race or political religious or other opinions by associating together the said inhabitants and the local organisations voluntary and other organisations in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life of the said inhabitants. To establish or secure the establishment of a village hall a village square a village green and car parking to such amenities and to maintain and manage the same in furtherance of these objects. To establish and secure the establishment of a village hall, a village square, a village green and car parking to such amenities and to maintain and manage the same (whether alone or in cooperation with any local authority or other persons or body) in furtherance of these objects. In connection with its objectives, the company has a long leasehold interest in the "protective belt land" at Tircoed. To assist with this task, householders pay a charge each year. This money is used to pay for grass cutting of communal areas, and providing other amenities. Not all villagers have to pay this; those homes in the original development do not have this written into their leasehold agreement, though they reap the benefits! The village has charitable trust status and details can be seen at the Charities Commission website (1048708) 

Village Fete 2016

Saturday 27th August 2016.


Grand Opening @ 13:30hrs Tircoed Forest Village Hall

Music, Games, Food, Shopping Village and much more.



Children’s Fancy dress

Dog Show judged by TBA

Matt Steele magician and Balloon entertainer

Two musical acts

Beach Party Castle

Gladiator Joust

Adult/Youngsters, Sumo Wrestling

Human Hungry Hippos

3 legged race

Egg and Spoon Race

Welly Wanging

Space Hopper Racing

Sack Race

 And finally od course the Grand Village Tug of War! In its 15th year!

Eleanor and Geoff will be ‘Mine Hosts’ at the Tircoed Village Tavern

 Rotary Club with multi ethnic food

Yo Cart Frozen Yoghurt and Ice Cream.

Music on the Green takes us into the Evening.


Party on the Green


Once all the daytime fun is done we hand over the baton to the Party into the Night team.  From 1900hrs, Bands TBA


Party into the Night will broadcast LIVE on Radio Tircoed 106.5FM and via www.radiotircoed.com

For Tables/Stalls call Geof on 01792 229227




Village News


A new group was formed last year for the over 55's in the village.  They meet in the Village Hall each Wednesday at 1100hrs.


It is still taking an inordinate amount of time to get the village adopted.  Welsh water is the hold up.  Swansea Council were contacted this week and they are still waiting for an answer regarding the 'pond' (no change since April)


The Trust Accounts were filed on time and a link has been place on the "Contact Us" page.


The move to improve play facilites for the under 12's has been approved and we are now in the hands of Swansea Council Recreational team for installation.  We will also be painting the existing play facilities and laying a new non slip surface.


You may have noticed that our roads haven’t been swept for nearly 5 years now and a number of drains are blocked.  Perhaps residents could apply pressure to Swansea Council by direct action to their offices?


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